Before vinyl flooring had become popular, Cherry Hill International Flooring was already producing quality flooring materials using the most cutting-edge technology. As North America’s leading in-home design floor coverings brand, we have a history of producing the most quality materials the field has to offer. We specialize in vinyl floors South Jersey, where many of our current customers live. If you are seeking a flooring company with customizable rates and a free in-home consultation, we can help you.

Before you buy vinyl flooring, you should know a few things. First, vinyl is unique in that it is the iguana of flooring—vinyl can be customized to look like any surface. Wood, tile, even marble—vinyl can imitate that style, because if anything, it’s versatile! Second, vinyl is often preferred because of its durability and affordability. Unlike many other flooring choices, vinyl can stand up to spills, dropped objects, and regular, frequent use. For these reasons, people choose vinyl for kitchen and bathroom, and it is also applicable to any other rooms in your house. Last, vinyl’s hardiness can be attributed to its particular properties. Vinyl is constructed in several layers: the wear layer, the decorative layer, the inner core, and a backing layer. The wear layer is most important because this is where you should consider its thickness, which ensures durability.

South Jersey vinyl floors are easily obtainable when you know where to look. At Cherry Hill International Flooring, we seek not only to give you the best quality of vinyl, but also educate you as to your choices and help you explore which will fit best with your life. Our associates are professional, caring people whose highest priority is to make sure you get the proper attention. Call us today at 856-616-9566 for a free consultation.

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