Everyone has a different style. Distinction shows personality, and at Cherry Hill International Flooring we understand that your personality deserves its own style of floor. Every floor is a new design and a custom project to fit your needs. Whatever your budget, timetable, or flooring type you want, we ensure that we will make it happen!

When you’re looking at flooring your bathroom or kitchen, vinyl flooring Jersey-style is the way to go. There are a few things to consider when it comes to vinyl flooring, such as which type you will get: tile or sheet. Vinyl tiles usually can be installed easily, as they have an adhesive backing that peels off as you place them on the floor. Other vinyl tiles require glue to be installed. However, if you want sheet vinyl, you should call a professional to install it.

Depending on the quality of the vinyl you buy, its durability will vary. Several pros of vinyl are that it is water resistant, stain resistant, and very versatile in terms of its design. You can buy vinyl that looks just like wood, for example, or textured vinyl which has the double feature of hiding any flaws your of your previous floor. Vinyl flooring Jersey-style by Cherry Hill International Flooring gives you a variety of options when choosing. Besides wood flooring, we offer natural stone, slate, and many other artistic designs. You’ll be floored by the possibilities!

Vinyl’s also water-resistant, which means that it’s a safer option for bathrooms and kitchens to avoid slippage. Textured vinyl may be a good option to mitigate this risk. Whatever type of vinyl turns out best for you, you can be sure that we at Cherry Hill will do our utmost to match your floor to your style!

At your appointment with us, we will listen to all your needs and show you samples of different materials to get started. If you need another consultation to make a decision, no problem—remember, our goal is to get you the best flooring for you. Consider Cherry Hill International Flooring for all your vinyl flooring needs!

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