What are the most common types of commercial flooring in Palmyra?

When considering your options, consider the pros and cons of different flooring types according to the needs of your business or organization. Remember that commercial flooring should be above all functional, durable, and easily maintained for high-traffic areas. Here’s a quickie list of our top 4 types of commercial flooring in Palmyra:

types of commercial flooring in palmyra

  1.    Linoleum
    Linoleum is a great choice for its versatility and variety of options in color and style. Made of biodegradable material, linoleum makes for an environmentally-friendly flooring choice. If you are concerned about allergies, linoleum is appropriate because it will not trap dust and is known to be hypoallergenic.
  1.    Vinyl
    Vinyl replicates some of the advantages of linoleum, with a few differences. Low-maintenance and durable, vinyl proves effective for areas that need to be resistant to spills or other accidents. It´s one of the easiest flooring types to install if you are using tiling, while sheet materials require professional measuring. Vinyl lacks the environmental pluses of linoleum, but is more impervious to moisture damage.
  1.    Concrete
    Among all commercial flooring types, concrete offers strength and affordability. The edgy, bare look of concrete is gaining popularity in certain sectors, in retail most especially, but it is also often covered by vinyl or other materials. Concrete can be etched upon or stained for styling purposes.
  1.    Wood
    If you’re looking for timeless and beautiful, nothing beats a classic wood floor. Wood floors have character and are easy to maintain, with a versatile style that never goes out of fashion. Our wood floors at Cherry Hill are guaranteed to be top quality and durable for your commercial needs.

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types of commercial flooring in palmyra | palmyra commercial flooring types

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