Before you make a final decision about what type of flooring you want in your house, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What room or rooms of the house need new flooring? 
  • What type of lifestyle do those in your home live? 
  • What kind of style or design elements do you prefer? 
  • Will the flooring you choose match the current décor? 
  • What is the temperature and humidity level in those rooms?

For example, the bathroom will be more humid at times than the living room.

Do you have kids and pets? This can tend to cause more wear and tear on your flooring choices.

Once you’ve considered all those factors, come talk with the professionals at our store. For any room but the bathroom, we recommend the best solid hardwood floors New Jersey has to offer.

If you’re going to change the décor or style or the room, then you can have several more options for solid hardwood floors in New Jersey. Go with the type of flooring that you love the look of, that will stay in style throughout many years, and that will hold up to the type of wear and tear your house may sustain. We always recommend solid hardwood flooring over engineered hardwood. It costs a little bit more, but it’s classic, timeless, and will last for decades.

Many customers come in unsure of what exactly they want. Maybe all you know is that you want to replace your flooring but you have no idea what kind of flooring you want next. Our professional service representatives can walk you through several options for quality solid hardwood flooring New Jersey locals love and trust. We offer many different styles, widths, colors, species, and even various installation methods. If you have a custom look in mind, we offer site-finished hardwood flooring, which means that our installation experts will stain the hardwood to match your house exactly.

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