In Cherry Hill NJ walnut flooring can add lasting beauty and value to your home. Walnut floors actually improves with age, its rich colors and swirling grain patterns deepening and developing more character over time.

Walnut comes in several varieties, including Brazilian, American and Asian. Most walnut flooring is chocolate brown in color with a soft purple tinge toward the center of the wood. It can also be stained to match a variety of hues, though most people apply a clear finish to showcase the wood’s natural beauty.

Like cherry flooring, the hardness of walnut flooring varies greatly by species.  For example, Brazilian walnut is extremely hard, often used as a decking material…about 185% harder than red oak.  American walnut is significantly softer than red oak.

So, be sure to tell the design associate that you work with at Floor Coverings International in the Cherry Hill NJ area how you plan to use your new wood floors on a day in day out basis so that we can recommend the right flooring choice for you.

Once we’ve chosen the right walnut flooring for you, we will install it, taking care to minimize the inconvenience on installation day and making sure the end product looks great.

Let the experts at Floor Coverings International help with you questions about walnut flooring in Cherry Hill NJ. Contact us today for a free flooring consultation today.

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