Many homeowners like the look of oak flooring. It adds warmth and class to a home in a way that most other types of flooring simply cannot. Oak is often chosen as the preference for hardwood flooring because of its durability, cost effectiveness, and beauty. When a family is searching to purchase a new home, they are often attracted to those with beautiful wood floors. If you are currently looking to update the look of your home, consider looking at our wide variety of options here at Floor Coverings International. We provide the kind of oak flooring Marlton homeowners love. It is a great way to add value to your home without breaking the bank.

Our oak flooring can be customizable to your preferred décor. In addition to offering the highest quality oak flooring Marlton area has to offer, we also offer variety for you to choose from. Pick a straight grain option or a more relaxed, varied pattern. If you prefer your oak flooring to be a certain color or hue, we can stain it to match your preferred color. If you want a more durable floor, our red and white oak rank quite high on the hardness scale. This makes them a prime choice for high traffic areas such as the kitchens, hallways and entryways. Our oak flooring is scrape resistant and its beauty will last for many years to come.If you want to update the look of your home, but need to keep the remodeling efforts within budget, consider installing some of the most beautiful oak flooring Marlton homeowners have ever seen. It’s right here at FCI in Cherry Hill and it’s more affordable than you’d think. Hardwood is always a good investment to raise the value and beauty of your home. Our oak flooring can be refinished over and over again, so after the initial installation, your personal cost to maintain it will be very low. Contact Floor Coverings International and let our experts guide you in choosing the best type of hardwood flooring for your home or business.

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