Floor Coverings International takes great pride in installing high quality laminate floors South Jersey customers love. Having the customers interactions with us be a positive experience is of extreme value to us. We believe that this is readily apparent from first contact, through the installation process, and beyond. When you contact anyone in the company about your laminate flooring questions you will feel that success is judged completely on how satisfied customers are. We believe and follow the motto of “Companies who work hard to build great reputations are successful ones.”

Why Laminate?

Laminate Flooring in South Jersey has become one of the best flooring options currently out there. This is in part due to technology.  The bottom of the two layers that make up your floor is a photograph of wood grain. This is covered by a hard layer which makes it scratch and dent resistant. A Design Associate will explain to you the exact mixture of vinyl and engineered flooring that makes it a viable and cost effective, hybrid option. They can answer all questions at the free consultation as well as offer honest and professional advice.

Laminate Floors South Jersey customers enjoy, have a reputation of being so easy to install. Built into that belief is an assumption that all homeowners possess the skill level of a professional. However, many people find it a difficult task and that hiring an actual professional to install their floor is quicker, pain free and affordable.

Customers using Floor Coverings International find:

  • Design Associates have design confidence
  • There are many selections to choose from
  • Skilled professionals perform their installation
  • They receive start to finish service

The process will begin with a design consultation. This is when your ideas for your new floor begin to become a reality. You will be able to take full advantage of the talent and skill your Design Consultant brings with them through easily validated training and credentials. While moving into the room you plan on installing laminate flooring in, discuss your thoughts on material, the rooms usage, cost and any other concerns. You can then listen to feedback and formulate a plan for the next step.

Don’t postpone your ideas of laminate flooring south jersey!! The professionals at Floor Coverings International are here to help!!

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