Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill makes installing flooring in a bathroom easy with luxury vinyl options.

Is It time to update the flooring in your bathroom?  If so, you probably have a number of questions to be answered before you get started.  What material should you use if you want to install the flooring yourself?  How difficult is installing flooring in a bathroom?  Where can you turn for help if you decide you need assistance with your project?

At Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill, we want you to have success when you take on any floor covering project, including installing flooring in a bathroom.  So, in this blog, we have outlined everything you’ll need to get started installing a new bathroom floor that you will love for years to come.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Flooring

Before you begin thinking about installation, you need to choose the flooring material and style that is right for you.  In addition to picking a color and pattern that suits your decor, it is important to choose these in a material that will work well in your bathroom.  You should look for something that holds up well amidst moisture and humidity and is easy to maintain. Tiles, vinyl, and stone are all great options.

Another area of consideration for you is the relative difficulty of installing the material you’ve chosen.  Although you might love the look of classic stone or ceramic tiles, you may not be up for investing the time and money to install that product.  Now, thanks to developments in flooring technology, you can still get you those looks you love without the hassle or the price tag of the real thing.

Luxury vinyl tiles recreates the authentic look of stone or ceramic, but are easier to install and cost a fraction of the price.  Additionally, these vinyl tiles are even easier to maintain and hold up well for years to come.  Appreciated for both its aesthetics and its durability, luxury vinyl tile is projected to grow to represent 9% of flooring sales by 2019.

Get Started Installing Flooring In A Bathroom

When you find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring to fit your room, installing flooring in a bathroom is easy.  In fact, The Family Handyman considers this “the easiest floor I’ve ever installed.”  In most situations, the whole project can actually be completed in one day. And, because the vinyl tiles are so thin, most projects do not require an additional underlayment.

To get your project off to a successful start, make sure that you have gathered all of the materials you need.  Your new flooring will come with specific instructions regarding tools, additional materials, and the process you will need to follow.  You should also talk with your flooring provider for other advice for a successful project.

Want Help With Your Project?

Although installing luxury vinyl in a bathroom is typically rated an easy to moderately difficult project, you may find you want professional help along the way.  If so, you can always turn to the flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill.
For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our design associates, contact us today at 856-616-9566.

Installing Flooring In A Bathroom | Installing Floors In A Bathroom

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