Are you beginning a home renovation project and need a resource for a great selection of flooring around Marlton? Well, we have just the solution for you. At Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill, you can find the most extensive flooring selection, just five miles from your home.

How extensive is the selection of flooring around Marlton that you will find at Cherry Hill FCI? Read on to find out exactly what Cherry Hill FCI has to offer, and how you can start working with Cherry Hill FCI today.


You’re Sure To Find The Flooring Around Marlton You Want!


At Cherry Hill FCI, we provide every flooring type, style, and material within any budget. To highlight our point, here is just a taste of the selection for flooring around Marlton that we offer at Cherry Hill FCI:



  • Carpet: Sort through over 1,400 carpeting choices and find exactly what you need in order to provide your home with the level of luxury and performance you are looking for.
  • Hardwood: 170 different choices of oak, hickory, walnut, cherry, birch, and maple hardwoods in different qualities of tone and color are sure to provide just what you need for renovating your home.
  • Laminate: If hardwood is not precisely what you are looking for, Cherry Hill FCI has the selection of laminate flooring that is guaranteed to suit your needs.
  • Tile: You can use tile for the floor in your bathroom, kitchen, porch, or even on the wall as a backsplash, and whether you are looking for tile in glass or ceramics, Cherry Hill FCI can help.
  • Vinyl: If you are going for a wood look or a tile look, the selection of vinyl floor coverings at Cherry Hill FCI will be sure to impress.

If this brief outline of the selection for flooring near Marlton at Cherry Hill FCI piques your interest, why not give us a call? By scheduling your free in-home consultation today, Cherry Hill FCI can help you find you the flooring you need.

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