An incredible variety of options in flooring is available to you today. How do you choose what’s right for you? Commercial flooring options in Cinnaminson don’t have to be too complicated. Here are a few major standbys and their pros and cons:

commercial flooring options in cinnaminson

  1.   Vinyl
    Vinyl has a wide selection of styles and colors, perhaps providing the most flexibility of any flooring option you might choose. If you buy quality vinyl, you can basically replicate the look of wood, stone, or other natural materials without paying the high price for these. Not to mention that vinyl is low-maintenance and durable for day-to-day spills and accidents. However, the con is that vinyl is NOT the original material, which means that it could be vulnerable to scratches and wear.
  1.    Linoleum
    Linoleum also comes with a good selection of style and color. Linoleum improves on vinyl in that it is made of natural, biodegradable material, which translates into hypoallergenic and hygienic quality, to boot. It’s mildew resistant and won’t trap dust and bacteria, so your air quality will be better in rooms with linoleum. The con of linoleum is simply that it may not suit the decors of all commercial flooring areas.
  1.      Laminate
    Laminate carries the advantages of variety and flexibility for commercial flooring options in Cinnaminson. It is stronger than vinyl and resists stains, scratches, and dents well. You can install laminate relatively quickly and easily, and can be put directly on top of your current floor. Laminate’s con is that it has to be replaced when it gets worn, and it is not preferable for damp areas.

We hope you feel more prepared in your search for commercial flooring options in Cinnaminson. If you would like a consultation to learn more information, contact Cherry Hill International Flooring at 857-616-9566.

commercial flooring options in cinnaminson  | Cinnaminson commercial flooring options

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