Carpeting provides a soft, friendly atmosphere for the home. Carpet for my home in Cherry Hill can take many forms. Technically speaking, a carpet is a floor covering that is textile “pile” attached to a backing. The “pile” can be made of wool or other fibres, and made in different ways such as in woven, needle felt, knotted, or tufted.


If a carpet is woven, you know it is produced on a loom. The material might be Berber, or plush, and there are also new styles of carpet that combine these two types. In woven, oftentimes many colored yarns create an intricate design. Woven is the most expensive type because this method of production is slow.

Needle felt

A needle felt carpet intermingles various synthetic fibers, so this is more technologically advanced and form a more durable material. These types of carpets might be found in commercial settings such as hotels.


Knotting is another intensive method, which can be done by hand or by machine. The threads alternate on the weave at right angles, making such carpets as the shag (popular in the 70’s).


The most common type of carpet making, it is probably the type you will buy if you are looking for carpet for my home in Cherry Hill. The pile is injected into the backing, which then gets bonded to a secondary backing. The pile may be sheared across so that the carpet has different textures.

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