Carpet repair in Cherry Hill doesn’t have to disrupt your life. Whether you need new flooring installations or maintenance for your current floors, we’ll work with you to handle all of your flooring needs.

Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill, NJ serves many types of commercial clients, including apartment communities, hotels and businesses. We also offer several carpet repair services to our residential customers.

Carpet Repair Services:

  • Re-Stretch & Carpet Pulls
  • Patches
  • Seam Repair
  • Pad replacement
  • Water Damage

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Some carpets may wrinkle over a period of time. Poor installation, humidity, or a backing that has lost it’s strength can all cause carpet to wrinkle. All of these situations can be corrected by having one of our qualified carpet technicians restretch and repair the carpet. We can repair holes, burns, and tears by replacing the damaged area with a matching piece of carpet.

When your residential or commercial carpet has been damaged from water stains or holes, you need professional help – you need Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill. We pride ourselves on our expert skill, professionalism and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate – (856) 616-9566.

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