There are a few recommended options for bathroom floors New Jersey locals love. If you’re looking to replace your bathroom floors in New Jersey, we highly recommend doing some research before you make your final choice. Since the bathroom is a high traffic area, whatever choice you make should be high quality and durable for many years to come. Our store has a huge variety of different bathroom flooring options and we invite you to come see for yourself. In fact, in your research phase, you may benefit from having one of our design specialists come out to your home for a free consultation.

The first potential option for bathroom flooring is carpet. Though some carpet is advertised as safe and convenient for bathroom floors, we do not recommend this. Carpet and constant moisture do not mix well. The second option is hardwood flooring and while this is a better choice than carpet, it is also moisture sensitive. If you have your heart set on hardwood flooring, it must be properly installed. We tell our customers that we recommend laminate flooring, which can work well for a bathroom and is often a better option than hardwood. If you want the kind of bathroom floors New Jersey locals find most convenient, laminate flooring is a great choice because it’s easy to keep clean and dry.

Another good option is engineered wood. It holds up well to moisture and looks just like expensive hardwood flooring. You may also choose stone. This option looks classy and it a great choice if you can afford a pricier material. You will have no moisture problems with stone! If you want to go a cheaper route, sheet or tile vinyl is a affordable and still offers a quality choice for bathroom floors New Jersey locals love. It’s practical, customizable, and totally affordable.

The last and best option for bathroom flooring is ceramic tile. It is waterproof, durable and affordable. Add a little texture to the tile to decrease the risk of slipping and you’ll have a stylish, functional bathroom floor that will last for decades!

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