Is it time for a flooring update?  Is your current carpet or hardwood showing unattractive wear or stains?  Does your floor no longer match your redecorated or remodeled home?

If the answer is yes, you are likely looking for a change, and wondering what your options are.  How can you achieve a clean, modern look that matches your home?  Equally important, how can you do that without putting a major drain on your budget… or our world’s resources?

The answer to both of these questions is bamboo floors.  South Jersey residents are discovering this innovative and attractive flooring options on the verge of a style that has been growing in popularity.  Because bamboo grows quickly, flooring made from its pressed or woven strips are environmentally friendly.  However, quality isn’t lost in the effort to respect the world’s natural resources; on the janka hardness scale bamboo outranks both oaks and walnuts, as well as many other expensive woods.  

With strength and environmental consciousness, bamboo floors also bring a significant level of adaptability.  Not only can be affixed to both plywood and concrete, it can also be stained to match the particular decor of your home.  

When looking for bamboo floors, South Jersey residents should turn to Floor Coverings International, the leading brand for in-home flooring design.  With a dedication to your inspiration and satisfaction, your design associate is prepared to work with you to create design the flooring solution you want and need.  Bamboo floors are a speciality product, not carried by all flooring companies.  So, instead of settling for “close enough”, turn to FCI for a wider selection from the finest manufacturers around the world.

Whether you are ready to begin the design and installation process or still have questions about bamboo floors, South Jersey’s Floor Coverings International is ready to help. Call today for your free, in home consultation and estimate!

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